A Tribute to Robert Joseph Chalifoux (August 24, 2020 - Feb 19, 2016)


Oh my papa

To me he was so wonderful

Oh my papa

To me he was so good

No one could be

So gentle and so likeable

Oh my papa

He always understood

Gone are the days

When he would take me on his knee

And with a smile

He'd change my tears to laughter

(by the Everyly Brothers... Denis sung this at the Eulogy)

Oh My Papa...

Having a quiet moment with his friend Mishka Pawloff

Aug. 24th Chalifoux Clan Re-unions

(Dad’s Birthdays)


’54 Mercury & Tent Camping

Nailing the address on the new house in Calder (11919-129 Ave)

Chalifoux Dairy Farm