T-bird footie
A Healthy Balance...
At Ross Sheppard, our athletes strive for excellence by having the opportunity for competition at the highest level and the challenge of top-notch academic courses.  This ensures a reasonable balance between sports training and school work.  But of course... our T-birds have a PASSION for soccer!

Our talented team mates are often members of club teams outside of school and have known each other as competitors for many years.  The T-birds allow them to come together as friends and team mates.  The bonds and FRIENDSHIPS and made in high school will be remembered for a lifetime.
This Season 
Keeping It Fun...

Co-ed Indoor T-birds...

This indoor season Shep will again be in the Tier 1 school league.  Coaching will be Mr. Bryan Buffi. 

Roster: TBAbout 18 players, 2 keepers, 
Rule: everyone who tries out MUST have a permission form signed, must have indoor soccer shoes and MUST where shin pads.
Student / Parent Vehicles:  The ShepMobile can transport the entire team.  Students or parents may wish to take their own vehicle BUT if they transport other students, they must fill out and submit a volunteer driver form. Passengers must have parents sign a permission  form.
On-Site Training: Since many players also are in Sports Performance and/or club teams, we must avoid over-training.  The fitness centre, strength & conditioning coach and athletic therapist are all available.  
Games: TBA - home games and practices at the West Soccer Centre. See “schedule”.http://shep.net/athletics/soccer/ShepSoccer/SoccerPermission.pdfhttp://shep.net/athletics/soccer/ShepSoccer/VolunteerDriver.pdfhttp://shep.net/athletics/soccer/ShepSoccer/VolunteerDriver.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
Our Teams... 
Coaches, Managers, Sports Therapists, Trainers
At least EIGHT PEOPLE (wow!) dedicate  many hours to ensure that the Ross Sheppard Soccer program continues to offer superior coaching, and training for the success of our athletes.  We wish say THANK YOU to the following for their continued mentorship and support.

Mr Bryan Buffi
Co-ed Indoor Soccer Coach - Lifetime player with “soccer” in his very soul.

Dr. Geoff Salmon
Soccer Academy Director - 1994 & 1997 National Champ with Edmonton’s Ital 
                 Canadians and in 1972 
                 with UofA Golden Bears

Ms. Amy Moolyk 
Strength & Conditioning Coach - One of the top 3 Alta. Prov. champs for Olympic Weigthlifting & 
                 SIRC Reserch Award 
                 Winner.    All Teams

Ms. Maria Smith 
Sports Medicine Instructor and Athletic Therapist    All Teams 

Mr. Kris Fedun
Department Head
Athletics Director
Mr. Rick Paulitsch
Vice Principal  
Sports Academy Coordinator

Our Focus... 
Goal for the season
“Good players practice until they get it right... GREAT players practice until they never get it wrong”

Our Photo Albums
Take a look
We have TWO galleries for photos... one for the regular Tbird Soccer teams and one for the Soccer Academy.  Then the archives:

Archives 2008-9 Indoor
Archives-2008 Outdoor
Archives 2006-7 Indoor

Favorite Links
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Our Passion for Soccer
Co-ed Soccer Academy
Everybody’s Talkin’...
YES!  It’s finally happening.  To continue with Ross Shep’s Pride, Tradition and Excellence, pressure from our soccer-playing community, the Ross Sheppard Women’s Soccer Academy expands to Co-ed.   Many young players were in conflict... come to Ross Shep for the academic excellence or go elsewhere for a soccer academy?  NOW they don’t have to sacrifice one for the other!

Admission Requirements:
Athletic Reference
Attendance History
Application Form & Fee

Student can receive credits for Sports Performance 15, 25, 35
Download the Application Form and Brochure...http://www.shep.net/athletics/soccer/Academy/SoccerAcademyMar2009Brochure.pdfshapeimage_9_link_0

Tbird Soccer Action @ WestSoccer Centre

NEWS FLASH! Because of popular demand, the Women’s Soccer Academy expands to include Men.

This noonhour/Blk 3 special version of Sports Performance (for credit) only occupies one “block” of school time in the second semester .  See the “Soccer Academy” link.