A tribute to gloria chalifoux (1946-2010)

The family wish to express their extreme gratitude for all of the emails, blog entries, cards, phone calls and personal indications of support and grief.  Also their appreciation for the 272 friends that came to personally to the memorial to say “Auf wiedersehen” 

(Until we see again).

As an only child from a farm, Gloria had a late start at making a lot of friends.  Her family was very small but as soon as she was on her own in Camrose, she set out on her lifelong task of casting a net for new friends to incorporate them into one of her many “families”.  Other than her “immediate family” and the “relations family” of the Chalifouxs, Fitzners and Hnybidas, here is a list of her other families:  Fitzner Family of Germany, Forestburg Family, Neighbour Family (old and new), X-stitching/Quilting Family, Cross-Cancer Family, Red Hat Family, and

the immensely large and supportive Amateur Radio Family

Gloria’s secret as to how she could catch so many in her friendship web... is that whenever you met her, she made you feel very, very special (and her cakes and cookies were superb!)  She could also be referred to as  “The Butterfly Lady” and “The Huggy Lady”. 

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Auf wiedersehen”

(Until We See Again)

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See “Gloria’s Albums” for more.

Favorite songs

  1. 1.Remember When       (Alan Jackson)

  2. 2.Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler}


Just a simple Country Girl