I hope to obtain permission  to use some of the excerpts from “The Ethier Family” book and add some stories.   If you wish to contribute, please sent them to me at  denis AT chalifoux DOT ca


UNDER CONSTRUCTION  - Ancestry will be included

  1. 1.Joe/Delvina Ethier Homested near Meanook

  2. 2.The Ethier Clan

  3. 3. Joe/Delvina marriage Feb.22 1909 (Morinville

Back LtoR  Aline (Boissonneault), Cecile (Constantin), Hector, Therese ("Terry"-Lamoureux,Critchley,Lessard), Emile, Anna (Soetaert), Alice (mom-Chalifoux)

Front  LtoR:  Lea (Belanger), Madeline (Gravelle), Joe Ethier, Delvina (Houle); Delphine ("Tiny"-Chabot), Annette (Champagne)   

(& Yvonne, Baby Joseph, Baby Emile, Baby Hector)