Turkey Vulture Adventure    


For many years I had heard that Alberta had some Turkey Vultures... so this year Doris and I set out to FIND one.  We were successful... and saw about 20 of them.  Two of them had wing tags that I was able to ID.  The researchers were VERY happy to get the info since we were the first to see the birds since they were tagged two years ago.  Yellow AAJ was just a few kilometers north of his original nest and and Green A91 was from near Glendon, Saskatchewan.  The Arm Lake site was loaded with Saskatoons and the Moose Lake site had a forest floor of blueberries.  During the road trip we saw lots of Red-Tail and Swainson’s Hawks, geese, and killdeer.   It was quite difficult ID-ing some grebes and ducks because they have lost most of their colour... so you really have to look at the shape.  (Thanks to Wayne Nelson, Jim MacGregor, Jim Struthers and Stuart Houston for their feedback and suggestions to make this an enjoyable and successful trip.   Two tagged birds were ID-ed as well.)

A road trip to N.E. Alberta in pursuit of this rarely seen critter...

July 28, 2011