Bailey Remembered...   



We knew the day was coming…  he was about 12 years old (like 90 years old for big dogs).  He was having a difficult time getting that big body of his up for his walks… the back hips weren't working very well, but he wasn't in pain.   He's been happy enough to get about 3 walks a day in the bush and trails in the back of our place or to the other off-leash (mainly with Doris and sometimes with me).  


Yesterday when I came home from work he got up as the car drove on the driveway.  Bailey gave me some really LOW pitched WOOF WOOFs as he did a playful little prance/bow with tail wagging.   I noticed that he had been given by Doris a "pig's ear" as a treat and I said…  "Oh Bailey… do you have a pig's ear?"   He went over and playfully threw it up into the air.  


These last few months we haven't been tying him up… so he could roam between the front porch, upper lawn and move to whole back yard it he preferred.  During supper I watched him roam around his domain in the backyard sniffing out the rabbit tracks and whatever.  His now was always sniffin'.


We were always hoping that it would be easy when he goes… to just die in his sleep one night…  and that is exactly what happened.  He is now resting in a spot that was reserved for him on Kevin & Maryanne's "Good Note Community Farm" (thank you) where he would go on extended sleepovers when we went on holidays where we couldn't take Bailey.  Although one summer he did chase down and eat a few "heritage hens", he still considered the Borch place as a home away from home.   He is in a natural grassy meadow that is sheltered by a mature growth of poplar trees and likely has joined with his spirit dog friend "Lady" and will again be free to run about the farm.


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With us sept 11, 2001 - Mar 5, 2013