The Chalifoux Clan..


Beaumont Farm -2010

Just 1 mile west and 2 miles north.  Bought from the CPR in 1906


This website centers around the family of Robert (Bob) Chalifoux and Alice (Ethier) who are both about TENTH generation French Canadian.   It is hoped that I can eventually add much of the ancestry including stories about the original immigrant, Paul Chalifoux who came to the shores of Stadacona (Quebec City) in 1647 and was a timber carpenter and farmed some of the strip farms near Beauport just downstream on the north side of the St. Lawrence River. 



REAR LtoR:  Cherie & Brian Chalifoux, Rob Pawloff, Darin Chalifoux, Doris Chalifoux, Brent Miller, Connie Pawloff (&Mishka), Karen Pawloff-Miller, Paula Roberts, Simona Chalifoux, Dick Pawloff, Gloria & Rond Chalifoux.

FRONT: Julian Chalifoux, Laurel Chalifoux, Alice Chalifoux, Robert Chalifoux, Denis Chalifoux (me!)